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Dylan on one of his favorite Sterek scenes.

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"Be a werewolf, not a teen wolf.”

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are you ever in the middle of saying something or showing someone something and you realize that literally no one cares 

I’ve literally stopped talking mid-word in a story and no one has noticed.

like on the daily


Some hand references.

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Redid a post by fucktonofanatomyreferencesreborn with sources because they never source anything and I don’t want to reblog that post because I don’t want to support blogs who don’t give credit to people

(No, stating that the art is ~not yours~ and ~came from elsewhere~ IS NOT PROPER CREDIT. Many of these have usernames and such on them but not every single one and you still ought to link back to the specific piece)

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                                                   Don’tb l i n k



"I’m calling that school, I’m calling ‘em and I’ll personally go down there and I’m gonna pistol whip these little bastards"

New head!canon where at this moment Sheriff thinks that it’s more than just ‘losing’ and Stiles mouthing off that the kids beat up his son and maybe his son was telling the truth at the Jungle.  And Beacon Hills isn’t that kind of place but other places/high schools are and here’s his son thinking he needs to protect his dad and to hide who he is because he tried to tell him and once again Sheriff didn’t believe him … and it kind of breaks Sheriff just a little.  

So when Stiles comes out as bi down the road, Sheriff’s going to remember this moment.  And he’s going to grab his son and hug him just like in this gif, only this time it’s going to be joy and pride on his face rather than pain and helplessness.  And he’s going to smirk while he breaks out the safe sex - boys and girls - pamphlets he’s been hiding in that kitchen drawer Stiles never touches because it was mom’s drawer to fill with her gardening sheers and coupons and random things.  And there’s condoms, too.  Stiles is mortified, because wtf dad, he had the safe sex talk at school like 3 years ago.  

Sheriff just tells him to shut up, that he believes in him and loves him, and one day, Stiles will find that perfect someone who is his everything, just like Claudia was for Sheriff.  

Unless it’s someone who is a kanima and then they’re going to have a talk.  It’s not the kanima, right?  

"it’s not the fucking kanima dad"

"oh thank god"

"it’s derek hale"


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